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The Pros And Cons Of A Pandemic Puppy

You've probably seen recent articles with titles like I adopted a pandemic puppy or Animal shelter empties; all pets adopted. A supply of uplifting stories during a time of disproportionate bad news. From these reports it probably seems like everyone is adopting a furry friend right now. In the midst of isolation and solitude the urge to rush out and grab a dream companion is totally understandable. If you haven't done so already (adopted a puppy that is) take a few moments to consider ALL of the aspects this action will have, both the good and the bad. The pros and the cons. Its soul purpose is to better help you answer a deeply impactful question: Should I get a pandemic puppy?

I have personally been advocating for a puppy way before the quarantine — years before. I begged my husband, relatively soon after we started dating, to let us get one. He the more logical one of our union often had reasons why it didn't make sense. I wholeheartedly defended my pro puppy position but deep down knew that all his points were sound. It never seemed to be the right time or we really didn't have the right resources. 8 years, 4 moves and 2 countries later we finally started to settled down. We bought a house with a big fenced in back yard and agreed that we would finally get a puppy in May. Then the pandemic happened. Working from home changed everything. When would we ever have another opportunity to spend 24-7 with a new puppy? Probably never. This was finally the right time!

This pros and cons list is a mash up of my husbands logical points, my idealistic reasonings and most importantly the key realities of owning a pandemic puppy.


• Let's start with the obvious. Cuteness. You are going to have a hard time not smiling every time you see your little floof. Your camera feed will be filled to the brim with adorable photos of your new puppy. You can brighten someones day just by sending them a goofy picture of your new pup.

• Are you feeling anxious? Are you constantly worrying about the future or asking what if? Your puppy can be a huge Comfort to you. They will preoccupy your thoughts and time.

• If you are already getting daily exercise — nice work. If not, well now there are no more excuses. Puppies need Daily Walks to tire them out and to stretch their legs. Although this is a necessary activity for them it's not a bad one for you also!

You already know dogs are a (hu)man's best friend. They are Great Companions. They will love you and show it by licking your face uncontrollably. They will follow you around and are always excited to see you, even if you've only been gone a few minutes.

Your puppy may be too excited for this one but eventually when they've settled down you can look forward to Cuddles.


Puppies can Cost a shocking amount. When you add up their initial price with necessary vet visits, shots, medications and neutering/spaying costs, you are most likely looking at a big number. You'll also be buying other supplies (e.g. bed, crate, food, toys, treats) to make you puppy feel comfortable at home.

• Your new pup is going to need a lot of Time & Attention. You'll have to set aside time to train them, take them out and play with them. Also remember to think of a viable puppy plan for when life goes back to normal — post pandemic.

If you are worried your house is a mess already, just think of adding a puppy into the mix. Whether it's there toys all over the floor, the cardboard box they've just shredded or their muddy footprints all over the floor, puppies can be very Messy.

The age of your pup will determine how long they can hold their pee and the younger they are the shorter that time is. You'll get Less sleep when potty training because you will need to get up at late and early hours to let your puppy out to pee.

• Socialization is more of a quarantine specific con due to the fact that many dog parks are currently closed. Socializing a young dog can be so important for their development and the way they will react to dogs when they are older.

Do what you will with this information, the choice is ultimately yours. You (or your spouse) are the only ones who know whether right now is the right time for you